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5 Tips for Picking a New Jersey Wedding Venue

February 16, 2015 | Posted in Weddings

Picking a New Jersey wedding venue can be fun, but somewhat challenging if you’re on a time crunch and aren’t familiar with the area. To be sure you pick out the perfect wedding venue in NJ, give yourself some time to consider these helpful tips:

Start the planning process. Create a board on Pinterest to start the planning process, or write them down in a notebook and keep it in a folder. Start jotting down names of wedding guests you want to invite to get an estimate on how big your wedding will be. Keeping it organized in a board, binder, or even in your phone to keep your ideas and inspirations together will allow you to easily close up shop when you’re done for the day and revisit at any time.

Know your priorities and stick to them. Make a decision on what you really want or need during the planning process. How many wedding guests do you expect to attend? Are you looking for an affordable wedding venue or is budget not an issue? Is it important for you to receive catering from an outside vendor? Are you okay with another wedding in the same location at the same time? Understanding what you want first is extremely helpful for not only the vendor but yourself to ensure that you’re satisfied with your decision.

Do your research. So much information can be found online. Create a binder or spreadsheet to divide your favorite New Jersey wedding venues and create sections that will allow you to organize pricing, wedding guest limits, rental hours, restrictions and perks. Remember to check out wedding venue reviews to see how others feel about their experience.

Ask everyone. Ask your family, relatives, friends, co-workers and especially professionals in the industry. If you attend one of New Jersey’s bridal shows or know a wedding photographer, caterer or wedding planner—ask them! They may have an idea on which NJ wedding venues they enjoyed and what would be right for you!

Go with your gut instinct. Be confident in your research and go with your gut instinct. You’ll want to book at least one to two years in advance to secure a specific date. When you feel a connection with the location and staff, it’s the best combination for a perfect wedding venue and smooth wedding day. Don’t forget to ask to meet the chef, hotel manager, maitre d’, and people “behind the scenes” that will be responsible for helping you bring your dream wedding to life. If you’re indecisive and need a second opinion, ask a family member or friend to come with you on a second tour to verify your first impressions of the venue.

Good luck! We hope that you’ll consider Windsor Ballroom as your next visit while on your hunt for a New Jersey wedding venue!

Romantic Dance at NJ Wedding Venue


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