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Posts in the Category


Posts in the Category


Inspiring Winter Bridal Bouquets
pastel wedding bouquet

Of all the floral arrangements you’ll need for your winter wedding, the bridal bouquets are likely the most important. They are the ideal accessory for any wedding and are often the most photographed which is why it’s important to take your time in choosing the best combinations. Below, is a look at some of the […]

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Gorgeous Winter Wedding Nail Ideas

When it comes to bridal beauty every detail from head to toe is considered. You’ve got the perfect dress, the right shoes, the ideal hairstyle, and all the accessories, but there’s one more thing you need to check off your list – bridal nails. Believe it or not, poorly kept or unpolished nails can throw […]

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Perfect Wedding Floral Arrangements
wild wedding bouquet

Wedding floral arrangements are an intricate part of the ceremony and reception decor. Symbolizing, love, hope, happiness, and romance, couples often choose flowers throughout their special wedding day to add meaning. Not just for the bridal bouquets, you can also select the perfect floral arrangements for both the ceremony and reception. If you’re looking for […]

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Decor & Style Ideas for a Beautiful Spring Wedding
rustic wedding photos

Your spring wedding will be stunning at our ballroom in New Jersey! The freezing temperatures of the winter have passed and everything starts to come back to life. The gorgeous flowers, fresh green grass, and clear sunny skies are the perfect backdrop for two people to share their union of love. If you’re gearing up […]

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How to Pull Off the Perfect Cocktail Hour
signature drink for winter weddings

The cocktail hour serves as the “pre-celebration” on your wedding day. It gives guests a glimpse of what the rest of the night entails while also providing convenient entertainment and nourishment until the reception starts. Sort of like a mixer for the newly joined families to get to know one another, it’s important to you […]

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Bridal Shoe Ideas for Brides Not So Fond of Pumps
blue flat shoes for wedding

The phrase “Beauty is pain” isn’t a motto that every woman agrees with – especially on her wedding day. It’s true, not every bride is thrilled about the idea of throwing on those classic pumps or high-heels for their wedding day. After standing on your feet for hours at a time in 3-4 inch heels, […]

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Wedding Cocktail and Food Pairing Tips
craft beer station for weddings

You want your wedding reception to be an event to remember. This not only means paying attention to details like the colors, linens, centerpieces, placeholders, and entertainment but providing your guests with delicious meal and drink options. Separately, food and drinks are great, but together, they can create a positive experience all around. So, how […]

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How to Make Your First Dance One to Remember
first dance in windsor ballroom

You’ve just tied the knot and have entered the wedding reception hall. In just a few minutes it will be time for the two of you to share your first dance as man and wife. You’ll be under the spotlight in front of friends and family. Whether you have two left feet or you can […]

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3 Rules to Live By When Shopping for Wedding Flowers
purple roses centerpiece

A large part of the decor for a wedding are the flowers. They help to bring color and personality to an otherwise blank canvas, which is why finding the right ones are so crucial to planning your wedding. What many brides fail to realize, however, is that selecting wedding flowers goes beyond simply picking your […]

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Help Your Guests Beat the Heat at Your Summer Wedding
water station for weddings

One of the most commonly overlooked factors when planning a summer wedding is the heat. Though the rain isn’t as unpredictable as it is in the spring and you certainly won’t have to worry about the freezing temperatures and snow of the winter, the summer heat can be a real pain the neck to deal […]

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