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Wedding Cocktail and Food Pairing Tips

October 25, 2018 | Posted in Events, Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

You want your wedding reception to be an event to remember. This not only means paying attention to details like the colors, linens, centerpieces, placeholders, and entertainment but providing your guests with delicious meal and drink options. Separately, food and drinks are great, but together, they can create a positive experience all around. So, how does one make sure that they choose the right wedding cocktail and dish? Here are a few pointers.

fall signature cocktail spring signature drink

summer signature drink winter signature drink
Go With the Season
Seasonal cocktails are great in that they are created with elements of the season in mind. Comprised of seasonal flavors and premium liquors, your guests will certainly enjoy our seasonal cocktails. Our wedding venue offers several wedding cocktail options which encompass the “elements of the season” you’re sure to love.

fajitas Mexican
Go With the Origin
Another great wedding cocktail and food pairing tip is to choose by origin or cuisine. If you like the taste of a drink that has sake as the base, then you might want to pair it with Asian dishes. If you prefer tequila, perhaps going with Mexican cuisine would be best.

soul food signature drink
Compare and Contrast
There are times when it’s best to find wedding cocktails that give the same flavor and taste as the food, but other times it is best to choose contrasting flavors and tastes. For instance, if the food items were spicy in nature, your guests would be best served with a drink that would provide a cooling sensation. Yet, if you were opting for soul food, a rich cocktail might include whiskey or bourbon to compliment that hardy taste.

spring signature cocktail  bubble bar craft beer
Work with the Mixologist
If you’re still not sure how to best pair your wedding cocktails and food, there’s still hope. Talk with the catering sales team to find out your options. Sometimes giving them an idea of the wedding theme, the vibe you want to create, your favorite drinks, and your favorite dishes can help show you your best options.

There’s nothing like good food and a complimentary drink on the side to make an occasion like a wedding reception all the more enjoyable. Hopefully, these basic tips will give you some ideas on how to best pair your wedding cocktails with your food.

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