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Let Your Personality Shine with These Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

April 12, 2018 | Posted in Weddings

Outside of the bride and groom, one of the biggest stars of the show at your wedding reception will be the cake (and cake topper!). Often placed on a decorative table, your reception guests should be wowed when they step into your wedding at the Windsor Ballroom and spot your glorious wedding cake topper. You want to choose a cake that tastes great and a cake topper designed to match the decor and theme of the day. Gone are the days where the traditional bride and groom figurines stand side by side. We’ve seen some of the most creative custom-made toppers here at Windsor Ballroom and we’d love to share them with you for further inspiration.

cake topper initials cake topper initials cake topper initials
Bedazzled Initials

For brides who love the idea of adding a bit of glitz and glam to their wedding day, a sparkly wedding cake topper could be the perfect addition. Covered in gemstones or glitter, they add a nice touch and help the decor of the cake to stand out even more.

Mr. Mrs. cake topper Mr. Mrs. Cake topper Mr. Mrs. Cake Topper
Mr. & Mrs.

It is not uncommon for couples who have been married at our NJ wedding banquet hall to choose a wedding cake topper that simply says Mr. & Mrs. There are lots of ways to customize these simple title prefixes to make them your own.

profession cake topper profession cake topper

Is your significant other a police officer or in the armed forces? You can add a personal touch to the wedding cake by dressing the bride and/or groom figurines accordingly. Or, as this couple did above, skip the bride and groom and go shoes that represent your interests.

star wars wedding topper superhero cake topper south park cake topper
Favorite Characters

Are you a lover of cartoons or movies? If so, you can find a customized wedding cake topper of your perfect proxy. As you can see from the pictures above, we’ve seen everything from Star Wars and Superheroes to South Park and Precious Moments.

ribbon cake topper

beach themed topper flower topper
Flowers, Bows, and Themed Pieces

Last but not least, we’ve seen creative toppers that include floral arrangements, bows or ribbon made from fondant, and themed pieces like this awesome sea and beach themed pieces you see above.

Whether you’ve chosen a simple wedding cake design or a more elaborate one, you can add even more personality and creativity to it with the right wedding cake topper. Hopefully, these ideas from Windsor Ballroom and other NJ wedding banquet halls have given you some inspiration on how to make yours stand out.

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