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Creative Ways to Serve Your Favorite Foods At Your Wedding Reception

August 24, 2018 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

One of the biggest aspects of planning a wedding reception is choosing the menu. Finding a balance between choosing foods that your guests will enjoy but that you also like can be difficult. That is unless you’ve chosen a reputable wedding venue like Windsor Ballroom where you can take comfort foods, childhood favorites, and even ethnic delicacies and enjoy them with your guests. Here’s a look at some of the most popular foods and creative ways our caterers have incorporated them into the reception menu.

bacon me crazy bacon me crazy
If ever there was a popular food item to choose from, bacon would have to be at the top of the list. Everyone loves a good piece of bacon, but how can you incorporate this common “breakfast food” into your traditional wedding reception menu? We have a the perfect station, it’s called  “Bacon Me Crazy” which is packed with bacon filled and bacon wrapped food choices everyone is sure to enjoy.

mac n cheese mac n cheese mac n cheese
Gourmet Mac N Cheese
Highly regarded as an all-time favorite comfort food, mac n cheese is a very popular choice for wedding reception menus these days. The warm mixture of pasta and cheese seems to resonate with guests of all ages. We have a Gourmet Mac n Cheese station that is sure to be a big hit for your wedding reception. With several toppings for the famous dish, your taste buds will thank you for indulging.

Asian fusion Asian fusion asian fusion Asian fusion
Asian Cuisine
Who doesn’t love egg rolls, lo mein, and other Asian dishes packed with flavor? The Windsor Ballroom has what you’re looking for to satisfy that savory take-out comfort food craving. Our Asian Fusion Station has everything your heart might desire including dumplings, egg rolls, lo mein, pepper steak, and other popular dishes.

Burgers and dogs Burgers and dogs
Burgers and Dogs
Not every guest who comes to your wedding will want fancy tapas and small portions. Sometimes, guests delight in the familiar finger food that they love at home or at restaurants. If you want to keep things simple but pick a sure-fire winner, consider adding The Stadium to your menu. Serving mini hot dogs and burgers with a variety of toppings, your guests will be surprised by the simple but delicious reception menu choice.

Choosing a reception menu is all about selecting food and drinks that you and your guests like. After you’ve considered any dietary concerns, feel free to get creative with your food choices. Windsor Ballroom has a plethora of stations and packages you can choose from including popular foods, comfort foods, and childhood favorites. To learn more, inquire with our wedding specialists.

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