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Creative Bridal Party Introductions

May 11, 2020 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

The wedding reception is all about friends and family coming together to celebrate the union of the bride and groom. To get the party started right it’s common for the bridal party to be introduced. Traditionally, the DJ runs down the names as the bridal party enters the reception hall. These days, however, couples are getting more creative in how they introduce the very people that stood by them on their most important day. 

Soul Train Line

Have the DJ put on a popular up-beat song for the bridal party to walk out to. Have the bridal party come out to the dance floor and form two lines (bridesmaids on one side and groomsmen on the other). Then, as the DJ announces their names, have them come to the center and do a little dance. 

Sports Announcement


Are you or your fiance a lover of sports? If so, you can really get creative with introducing your wedding party by having their names announced just as they would in a live sporting event. Whether it’s the NBA, NHL, or NBL, your guests will get a kick out of hearing the announcements. As you can see, the couple above were fans of hockey and even used hockey sticks as a creative prop to eventually usher in the bride and groom. 

Choreographed Dance

Another popular option for getting the wedding reception started is a choreographed dance by the bridal party. Have everyone’s name announced as they come out and get into position. Then, everyone busts out their best choreographed moves to the beat. The bride and groom can even get in on the dance for a grand finale. 



Last, but certainly not least, you could allow your bridal party to do their own thing. As their names are called they can use props, bust out their favorite dance moves, or strike a creative pose. This is often the most fun for the bridal party as they get to let their personalities show. 


Your wedding reception is all about having a good time. Entertain your guests and show love for those who were supportive in preparing for your big day with a creative introduction. Let your creative juices flow and use the above-mentioned ideas to plan a bridal party entrance your guests won’t soon forget.


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