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Choosing the Right Wedding Officiant in New Jersey

December 17, 2017 | Posted in Events, Weddings

Wedding Officiants have a tough task. They have the responsibility of joining you and your future spouse together as one. They must essentially make you, your friends, and your family feel comfortable and set the tone for your special day. As such, when choosing a wedding officiant for your New Jersey wedding, it should not be taken lightly. Below, are a few bits of advice on how to find the perfect person to officiate your Windsor Ballroom wedding ceremony.

Bride Groom Windsor Ballroom

Know Where to Look

You and your fiancé should have a clear understanding as to the type of wedding officiant you’d like to have at your wedding. Whether you’re looking for a religious leader, a secular officiant, or a civil wedding officiant, you need to know where to look. Check with people you know who have recently got married, your places of worship, or ask a wedding coordinator at Windsor Ballroom for recommendations.

Bride Groom Windsor Ballroom

Meet in Advance

Though finding a wedding officiant in New Jersey is the first step, you should wait to decide until you’ve met with them. Chemistry is important when it comes to choosing an officiant. Meet with them a few times before you decide to ensure that they can perform what you’re expecting. Talk with them about your beliefs, your relationship, your family, and what your expectations are. If it’s a good fit for you and your fiancé, then you can discuss rates and/or donations.

Bride Groom Wedding Windsor Ballroom

Make Sure They’re Legal

Though they may have great intentions and vibe well with you, if a wedding officiant is not legally certified to marry you in your state, this would be a big waste of time. They’ll have to sign off on your marriage license, and you don’t want to find out the day of your wedding that your marriage isn’t legal. Make sure that you ask ahead of time if they have the proper license or certification and double-check with the city clerk’s office.

Bride Groom Officiant Windsor Ballroom

Your wedding ceremony is centered around the actual union between you and your fiancé. The officiant for your big day is supposed to set the tone and guide you both into your new lives together. Be sure to ask reliable sources and take your time in finding a wedding officiant in New Jersey that aligns with your beliefs and believes in your love.

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